Edison Pearls


What is the process to make Edison pearls?

The Edison pearl is cultivated similar to Akoya & South Sea pearl by inserting one bead into the mussel tissue of the oyster.

How long do they take to grow?

Approximately 3 years.

What is the species name of the oyster they are made in?

The name of this mussel is called Hyriopsis cumingii. Pearl farmers call it Triangle Mussel (because it’s in the shape of a triangle).

Where did the name Edison come from?

It is just the name of this type of pearl, some call it Edison pearl, some call it Ming pearl.

What are the natural colours?

There are many natural colours, such as light/deep purple, light/deep peach, pink colour, metallic gold, metallic pink, white, some even can be very strong grey.

How do they get their colour?

The inner lining of the mussel creates the colour of the pearl.

How many pearls are in an oyster?

One piece only.

What sizes do they come in?

Range from 10 to 18mm, mainly between 12-15mm.